At the southern end of the beach at the base of the Petit Piton, with twin blue roofs, is Harmony Beach Restaurant. The restaurant was first established in 1990. Here at Harmony Beach we serve a wholesome variety of fresh cooked local dishes. One other great things about eating at Harmony Beach is that you do not need to launch your tender…… it would be our duty to pick up and drop off clients and crewmembers from the yacht and provide security for your ship whilst you dine. The menu offers dishes from fresh Creole Fish, Grilled Shrimps, Lobster in a Creole, Garlic butter sauces or grill etc. There is also free Wi-fi internet service available to any sailor, and a great bar whenever you feel like cooling down from the tropical heat or reclining for “Sundowners”, with happy hours on Friday`s and Saturday`s from 1700hrs-1800hrs. Great entertainments are also available on request e.g. Live steel band and local entertainers.

Our opening hours are 0700hrs-2300hrs on weekdays and weekends from 0800hrs–2300hrs.

For reservations, please contact us.
Tel: (758) 486 4035
Tel: (758) 518 0081
Cell: (758) 287 4261
Email: info@harmonyyachtservices.com